Alternatives to Chaining Your Dog in the Yard

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Dogs like to roam. That’s a given. While we all love to make our beloved pets happy, it’s simply not possible to let them roam unrestrained, both for their own safety and community safety. (It’s also against the law in many places!)

To keep the dog safe, many pet parents simply tie or chain their dogs in the yard to prevent them from wandering too far. While it’s an inexpensive, low-technology solution, it’s not a great option for the dog for a number of reasons.

Dogs like to follow scents. Dogs are instinctual when it comes to intriguing scents, and they like to have some freedom to follow them. Chaining dogs leave them with limited use of the yard, which inhibits their ability to truly run free or explore the many scents that surround them.

Chaining can lead to injuries. Active dogs can become entangled in the leash, rope, or chain used to tie them up, which can even lead to death. At the very least, a twisted chain might cause reduced circulation to one or more of the dog’s limbs. In addition, a chained dog cannot run, hide, or defend itself if another animal enters the yard.

It’s not great for your yard. Without the ability to roam, the dog will often wear out the grass in one part of the yard or dig deep ruts. In addition, keeping the dog tied will cause urine and feces to build up in one concentrated area, resulting in dead grass and plants and bad smells. If you like to use your yard for human enjoyment, having the dog’s movement restricted to one area can cause unpleasant yard conditions.

Your yard may not be suitable. In the absence of a large tree or secure post in a convenient place in your yard, you’ll have difficulty rigging up a suitable set-up for the dog. The dog is likely to circle the tree, shortening the tether and further restricting his already limited movements.

You may be nodding your head in agreement with these limitations. But without an expensive (and sometimes prohibited by homeowners’ associations) full yard fence, how do you keep your dog safe while giving it room to roam? The answer is with a hidden fence.

How Does a Hidden Fence Work?

A hidden fence is an underground pet fencing system that uses a radio signal to keep your dog in a designated containment area, such as a yard; or out of an area, such as a swimming pool, patio, or garden. Hidden fences can also be used to create indoor boundaries that work inside your home to keep your pet off a couch, out of a room or away from a kitchen counter.

A hidden fence installed in your yard will keep your dog within a safety area, but give her the freedom to roam, play and respond to a threat. In Connecticut, DogWatch of Eastern CT is a locally owned and operated dealership based out of the Storrs area and servicing Tolland, Windham, and New London counties. Contact us today at 888-749-2657 or visit our website to learn about the affordable SmartFence® Containment System. We’ll handle the installation and the training, leaving you and your dog to enjoy your yard.

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