Dog Pics: Tips for IG-worthy Images of Your Dog

golden retriever trying to catch floating soap bubbles

Instagram has been wildly successful as a social network that’s all about sharing images. From its start- and before it became a marketing tool for businesses, the network was a place to come and show others what you were eating at the moment or the beautiful view you had in front of you. Especially when on vacation – we like to be able to share the journeys and views we have and show off our family. It’s the same reason Facebook has also become so big for people across the globe.

Today, we’re taking our four-legged furry pals along with us for many of these trips and capturing the fun, cute, and quirky things they’re doing while there has helped many profiles to reach followers by the thousands.

If you’re thinking about taking your pup on your next vacation, here are 3 things to think about before taking the pictures and posting them to Instagram.

Train Your Dog

Before you snap any epic photos with your dog, it makes sense to ensure they are well trained. This doesn’t mean a candid picture can’t come out amazing but it will be far easier to get them to stop, sit or lay in front of a scene you want to capture if they have the training in advance.

Focus on Lighting

Great lighting is so important when it comes to capturing quality images and also for posting pics that will get people to stop scrolling. There are a lot of cool photo editing apps you can use to make your picture look great before uploading but nothing beats having great lighting, to begin with so the original photo is clear and high quality.

Consider Video

Video is quickly soaring to the top in social media land. Images still flood timelines but more and more we’re seeing Reels and video captures becoming the way most audiences like to engage with content. If you’re experiencing something amazing with your dog while on vacation when not snap a quick video, live there in the moment. This can tell the story in ways no photo capture ever could!

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