Frequently Asked Questions about Our Fences

A DogWatch hidden fence can keep your pet safe in your yard and give you peace of mind. Our invisible fences are simple and easy to use.

Pet owners who have never used a hidden fence often have questions. If you’re considering using one of our containment systems to protect your pet, here are some things you should know.

How Does a Hidden Fence Work?

A boundary wire is placed underground. It transmits a signal to a pet’s collar. If the animal gets too close to the boundary, it receives a mild correction. With training, a pet learns where it’s allowed to go and which areas are off limits.

Does a Hidden Fence Have to Enclose My Entire Yard?

Many homeowners want to give their pet a large area to run and play, but they don’t want to allow it to go everywhere on the property. Often, customers want to keep their dog out of the garden, off the driveway, away from the pool, or out of their children’s play area.

That’s not a problem. We can create a custom boundary that’s tailored to your specific needs. The containment area can have an irregular shape with one or more places where your pet isn’t permitted to go.

We can accommodate your property’s unique terrain. Whether your yard has hills or the property is located near woods or a body of water, we can create a boundary that will keep your pet safe.

Are Hidden Fences Just for Dogs?

Although customers typically use invisible fences to keep dogs on their property, the technology can be used with cats and other species. Collars are available in a variety of sizes to suit different kinds of pets.

The training process also varies depending on the species. Members of our team have experience training many types of animals and know which approaches work best with different species.

What If I Have Two or More Pets?

No problem. Each pet can have its own collar that’s programmed to work with the system. There’s no limit to the number of pets that can use a single hidden fence system.

How Can I Get an Estimate?

DogWatch has a team of local dealers who serve homeowners in their communities. One of our dealers can meet with you to discuss your needs, help you figure out the best way to design a boundary for your pet, tell you more about how our hidden fences work, and answer any questions you might have. Contact DogWatch of Eastern Connecticut today to learn more.

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