How Our System Works to Transform Pet Safety

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The area around your house can be a dangerous place for your pet. If it leaves your property unsupervised and unrestrained, it can encounter a long list of hazards, including cars, trucks, wild animals, other people’s pets, and poisonous plants. An invisible fence is a simple and effective way to keep your pet safe.

How an Invisible Fence Works

A wire is buried underground to create a boundary. The wire transmits a radio signal to the pet’s collar. If the animal gets too close to the boundary, it receives a warning, which can be either a sound or a vibration. If the pet continues toward the boundary line, it receives a mild correction. With a little time and training, a pet learns where it is and is not allowed to go and steers clear of the boundary line. 

Although hidden fences are most often used to keep dogs contained, the technology can also work with other types of animals, including cats, goats, and pigs. Collars are available in a range of sizes, and training methods can be customized for different species.

A hidden fence can continue to work if there’s a power outage. A PowerPak can serve as a backup until electricity is restored.

Keep Your Pet Safe with an Invisible Fence

Dogs and other domestic animals are curious, but their innate desire to explore can put them in harm’s way. Owners can’t supervise their pets every second. 

With a hidden fence, you’ll be able to let your pet outside and be confident that it will stay in an area where it will be safe. If you have two or more pets, you can use a single hidden fence system to keep them all in the yard. 

You can design a custom boundary that fits your property and your goals. For instance, your yard might include a garden where you don’t want your pet to go. No problem. We can position the boundary line to make that area off limits and give your pet the freedom to run and play in other parts of the yard.

Get a Quote

DogWatch has a team of local dealers across the United States. A dealer from DogWatch of Eastern Connecticut can visit your house to see the layout of your property and discuss where you want to allow your pet to go and which areas you want to keep it away from. Once you’ve decided, we’ll install a boundary wire and train your pet. Contact us today to learn more and to get a quote. 

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