How to Keep Your Dog from Disturbing Wildlife and the Environment

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You probably enjoy taking your dog on walks, hikes, and vacations, and your pet likely enjoys having the freedom to explore an unfamiliar environment. It’s easy to lose sight of the impact your dog can have on wildlife and the environment in the places you visit. Here are some ways to keep your pet from harming or endangering other animals and the environment.

Know Where Your Dog Is and Isn’t Allowed to Go

When visiting a new place, don’t assume that dogs are permitted. Even if most parks welcome dogs, that doesn’t mean they all do. A place that you visit may allow dogs in certain places, but not others, or it may require canines to be leashed at all times in specific areas. Dogs may not be allowed in parks and other outdoor areas at certain times of the year when native animals are mating or raising their young.

If you don’t know the rules for the place you intend to visit, research them before your trip. After you arrive, pay attention to signs about dog-related restrictions.

Keep Your Dog away from Wildlife

Your pet may enjoy running along a trail and may be eager to play with an unfamiliar animal, but that can be dangerous for both creatures. A wild animal that is frightened or that feels its young are in danger is likely to behave aggressively. Your dog can get bitten, scratched, and infected with a serious illness, such as rabies.

It’s a good idea to keep your dog on a leash if you will be in an area where it may encounter wild animals. Even if a leash isn’t required, having your dog leashed will make it easier for you to keep your pet on the path and to steer it away from any wild animals it may encounter.

Clean up after Your Dog

People often get frustrated with dog owners who don’t pick up and dispose of their pet’s waste. Some people clean up after their dog in an urban or suburban area but don’t consider it a priority in a more remote location.

The odor from your dog’s waste can be unpleasant. Also, its waste can contain chemicals from medications it takes. If those chemicals make their way into the soil and groundwater, they can impact the environment and the health of wildlife.

Keep Your Dog Safe in Your Yard

When you’re home, you need to keep your dog on your property to protect it from a host of dangers. Your dog can get into an encounter with a wild animal, such as a raccoon or a skunk, or with someone else’s pet. If your dog wanders out of the yard, it can get hit by a car.

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