How to Keep Your Dog in Your Yard without Building a Fence

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If you recently welcomed a dog into your family like many others during the COVID-19 stay at home orders, congratulations. You’ve made a terrific choice for a companion and long time friend and addition to your family. 

New adjustments like learning their eating and potty schedules might now be going smoothly. 

Perhaps you’re trying to find ways to enjoy more time outdoors with the family and a new pet. Building a physical fence requires permits from the town, large obstructions of view in your yard and other upkeep. 

There are ways you can avoid having to build a physical fence and still keep your dog in your own yard. Here are a few worth considering. 

Long Leash

If you know your dog is okay on a leash and is pretty relaxed in his demeanor while outdoors. You might only need a leash to keep them close by and comfortable. Remember of course to choose a shady, cool spot and leave plenty of water for their enjoyment. Extreme warm temps outdoors are never okay for dogs. But if they love the outdoors and you’d like some fresh air too consider a longer leash so they can have some extra length to roam about.

Superior Training

Do not attempt to keep your dog in your yard without any boundaries or protections unless you are confident they have superior obedience and training under their belt. Some dogs are trained to listen very closely and maintain a close distance to their owners no matter where they are. Going off leash must be something done with a skilled professional. Still, the risks are far too great that even your well-trained, has never run away from you dog could become interested in a small animal hopping through the yard or ball he spots rolling in someone else’s yard. 

Invisible Fencing 

The best way to give your dog complete freedom to do as they wish while in the yard is to set-up invisible permitiers and boundaries for them. No ugly, bulky fences to put up and all the safety and peace of mind you need to know they can’t get out into the street or eating the flowers in your gardens. 

At DogWatch of Eastern CT we are dedicated to providing PetFriendly solutions and outstanding customer service so your dog can enjoy their time safe and happy. We serve the  Storrs area of Connecticut including Tolland, Windham, and New London counties.


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