How to Stop Your Dog from Digging under Your Fence

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Dogs often dig in yards, which can cause major destruction to the landscaping. A dog may try to escape a yard because it’s bored or because it wants to find another dog to play with or to mate with.

If a dog digs under a fence, it may cause damage to a neighbor’s property or run loose in the neighborhood, where it may get into a fight with another animal or get hit by a car. If your pet has already escaped from your yard or has developed an interest in digging near the fence, here are some strategies to address the issue. 

Make Sure Your Dog Gets a Lot of Exercise

Dogs that don’t get enough physical activity need to find a way to use their pent-up energy, and they often turn to digging in the yard. Take your dog on walks at least twice a day and make sure that your pet is tired when you return home. When you spend time in the yard with your dog, play fetch or other games that your dog enjoys and that will give him or her a good workout.

Provide Mental Stimulation for Your Dog

Dogs often dig out of boredom. If your dog spends a lot of time alone outdoors, make sure he or she has ways to stay occupied and engaged. Buy some toys that your dog will find challenging, such as boxes that your pet has to figure out how to open in order to get food hidden inside. Rotate toys in and out so your dog won’t get bored playing with the same ones week after week.

Your dog may also be digging out of loneliness and a desire to engage with another dog in the neighborhood. If you don’t currently spend a lot of time interacting with your dog, make an effort to give your pet more attention. You may want to consider getting another dog so your current pet will have a companion. 

Make the Fence More Secure

Bury chicken wire at the bottom of the fence and extend the wire two feet underground. Bend the chicken wire away from the yard so that even if your dog digs down, it will be difficult to get around the wire. You can also partially bury large rocks near the fence to make it even harder for your dog to escape.

Install a Hidden Fence

Another way to keep your dog in your yard is to use a hidden fence. DogWatch East offers several types of fences that will allow your dog to run and play while keeping your pet safely in the yard. If your dog has developed a habit of digging under your physical fence, installing a hidden fence inside the yard can keep your dog away from the old fence. Contact us today to learn more.

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