Invisible Boundaries: How DogWatch Hidden Fences Keep Pets Happy and Safe

Border Collie playing with a tennis ball

Technology has changed pet containment for the better in recent years. More homeowners are opting to contain their dogs not with physical fences, but with invisible fences that protect pets outdoors and keep yards more attractive and open. 

Invisible fences work like this: a wire is installed underground around your home’s yard. It emits a signal that is then picked up by a special collar worn by the dog.  If the dog approaches the boundary line where the wire is buried, the collar first emits a warning beep. If the dog continues to approach the boundary wire, the collar emits a mild stimulation that discourages the dog from proceeding.  Once the dog learns the boundary line, he or she becomes conditioned to remain in the yard. 

While the benefits to the home are obvious – invisible fences preserve your view of nature and your enjoyment of your yard, there are significant benefits to dogs, as well. In this blog, we’ll cover how invisible fences also preserve the happiness and health of your dog. 

They eliminate human error. Physical fences are prone to failure, primarily because pet owners will often forget to close a gate. With an invisible fence, there is no worry that a gate left open or one that fails to latch will let a pet escape and become lost or injured. This is particularly important in households with children who may regularly fail to remember to close the gate. 

They can be installed quickly. Unlike a traditional fence, an invisible fence can be installed very quickly, so you can begin training your dog the same day and eliminate the fear that the dog will escape and become lost before the fence can be constructed. (It’s also worth noting that invisible fences are less expensive than physical fencing, so the capital outlay becomes less of an issue for homeowners.)

They can be customized to your yard. While no one wants an irregular physical fence for aesthetic purposes, invisible fences can be customized to keep your dog out of the areas you don’t want him wandering (in a vegetable garden, for example, or in a children’s play area). 

They work for dogs who chew and dig. Dogs have been escaping from physical fences since time immemorial, particularly if they are a breed that likes to chew and dig, or is an Olympic-caliber jumper. With an invisible fence, you won’t need to worry that a digger is going to climb under the fence and escape. 

Look for a Reliable Hidden Fence Partner in Connecticut

DogWatch of Eastern CT offers dog containment and training solutions throughout Eastern Connecticut, including towns like Brooklyn, Columbia, Coventry, Hebron, Lebanon, Montville, Somers, Storrs, and others. DogWatch of Eastern CT prioritizes dog training, which emphasizes the importance of dogs responding to the audible warning they hear before feeling a correction. We believe that proper dog training is vital to ensuring that dogs can quickly adapt to a new environment and stay safe. For more information, call 888-749-2657 or visit our website. 

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