Kids and Pets Make a Good Team

dog and boy hanging out on a soccer field

We’ve always heard the saying that dogs are man’s best friend, but new research shows that there are some hard facts behind the thought that having a dog for companionship, especially from and early age, can help with socializing and even emotional development. 

A report from Pet Product News looked at the findings of the study which uncovered that not only will having a dog in the home as children grow help with their social-emotional growth, but also improve  the ways they share and engage with others if they can be involved in daily routines for the pet, like taking walks and playtime. 

Children who played with their family dog three or more times per week were 74 percent more likely to exhibit considerate behavior than those who played with their dog less than three times per week.

The study conducted by researchers at The University of Western Australia and Telethon Kids Institute found that, “children from dog-owning households were 23 percent less likely to have difficulties with their emotions and social interactions than children who did not own a dog; 30 percent less likely to engage in antisocial behaviors; 40 percent less likely to have problems interacting with other children; and 34 percent more likely to engage in considerate behaviors, such as sharing.” 

Dr. Hayley Christian, Associate Professor at The University of Western Australia and Telethon Kids Institute and Principal Investigator of the study said, “Our research also supports spending time walking and playing with the dog for added benefits, and we hope these results will help parents, children and pets remain active at home during this time of physical distancing.”

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