Life is Better with Pets During a Pandemic

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Today, with COVID-19 vaccinations underway and many hoping to return to somewhat regular schedules soon, it’s important to remember what a key role our four-legged family members have been during these uncertain times. 

Whether your home welcomed a new pet during the shutdowns or if you’ve been a longtime animal lover, it is undeniably clear how critical the companionship they have provided has been during the pandemic. 

Here’s a closer look at why living through a pandemic and social distancing is easier with pets.

Source of Comfort

As job losses rose and the health concerns skyrocketed these last 10 months, many found themselves feeling isolated, lonely and anxious. Having other living, breathing animals around offers emotional support as pets can listen without talking back and allow for a place to get things off your chest.

Great for Staying Active

The other thing this pandemic has done for many is reduced the amount of time they’ve spent actually being physically active each day and this can harm cardiovascular health as well as expand waistlines. Having a pet who must get outdoors for a least 1 walk a day ensures your health stays in order too. 

Combat Loneliness

Not just to help when anxious thoughts spur, but also pets have become important for coping with the pandemic because they help people – especially elderly and those who live alone to feel a connection. Companionship from a pet includes snuggling, dependency and a feeling of purpose. If you haven’t yet brought a wonderful pet into your home, now’s a great time to consider as shelters fill up and adoptions are needed.

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