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Frequently Asked Questions

The Hidden Fence (the containment part of the fence) is not dependent on the Internet and will work as it should even if your Internet is turned ‘off’ or not working. If your Internet is turned ‘off’ or not working, the fence will work as it should, but you will not receive notification alerts, system settings and activity tracking until your Internet connection is restored.

Yes, you can still get text message and/or email alerts and you can access your SmartFence WebApp profile from any computer or other Internet enabled device.

Yes, the SmartFence WebApp works on both iPhone and Android devices. The WebApp is not an “App” that you download in the App Store or Play Store. Instead, it is a progressive web app, accessible via any internet browser (Safari, Chrome, etc.). The WebApp can be saved to the home screen of your mobile device for easy access. For more information about how to access, setup and save the WebApp, please see our SmartFence Quick Start Guide or SmartFence Owner’s Guide.

The DogWatch SmartCollar is designed with the understanding that your pet will probably spend time in parts of the yard that may be beyond the transmission range of your SmartFence Communication Portal. That’s OK! The SmartCollar will reconnect and send updates when your dog comes back into the communication range of the Portal.

The SmartFence requires the use of an Ethernet port. You may be able to add ports to your router by connecting it to an Ethernet switch. These devices should be available at stores such as Staples® or Best Buy®.

Customer Testimonials

I cant say enough about the product and the service. Linda is absolutely amazing. She take her time, explains everything thoroughly, answers any questions. We have two aussies and a lab, all trained up very quickly, top notch training. Linda has some playful assistants who our pups loved! The product is hands down amazing. Lifetime warranty, help anytime, replace anything. I would recommend this product and the service anytime to everyone and anyone.
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Ivy Hudson
Linda was amazing to work with! She gave a great explanation of the product, did an amazing job training the dogs and was very easy to work with. We have 2 dogs, a Husky and Jack Russell/Pug, she was excellent with both of them and fully trained them.This was a great investment and everyone dogs/family are much happier with the dogs running around the yard safely. The product has a lot of great features. I would recommend DogWatch and Linda to everyone with a dog!
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Karen Z
The whole experience from install to training was amazing and stress free. Linda was great with training my dog and she kept coming back until she was confident my dog would stay in the yard. I highly recommend her. You can see the joy my dog has now that she can run free! Would recommend over and over again!
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Sharon McGuinness

DogWatch® of Eastern Connecticut

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