Solve Your Dog Digging Issues with This

dog digs a hold in a yard

Your dog has started digging in the yard. You’re not sure why, and you don’t know what to do about it. Is this just a phase? How do I get my dog to stop digging up my garden? We’ve got answers for you!

First, if your dog is digging in your yard and you want to stop them, it’s time for a little detective work.

Could it be boredom? A buried item they want to dig up?  Whatever the reason, here are some solutions to deter them from digging around your yard.

Install Our Wireless Pet Containment System.

If you’re trying to keep your dog in the yard, we offer one of the most effective ways to do so. With SmartFence Containment System your dog will have the freedom to run around and play in the yard without getting into the areas that you’ve set as off-limit boundaries (like your garden) This will prevent your pup from being able to dig it out.

Give Your Dog an Area to Dig

If your dog just loves to dig and you want to give him an area to do so without ruining the rest of your lawn, you can create a doggie pit area that gives him his space with dirt ready to be dug out.

Use Training

Teaching your dog to leave or come are important early training skills so they understand when it’s time to move away from something or stop what they are doing and come to your side. When they are digging you can use these commands to let them know what they are doing is an improper action as well.

Find Boredom Busters

The reason your dog is digging could just be because they are anxious or bored. If this is the case you can use different ways for them to get their energy out or calm them – such as toys, tricks, and even games they can play alone.

We hope that at least one of these tips will help keep the lawn damage down so that everyone can have a good time!

Call DogWatch of Eastern Connecticut for help keeping your dog happy and safe.

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