Some States Requiring Dog Fences for Large Dogs

Border Collie playing with a tennis ball

Putting up a fence around your home is something most owners are either for or against. If you have young children and pets or a pool and want some privacy, you might be looking to invest in building a fence around your home or purchasing a property that already has one. 

In addition to cost, some families have hesitated to invest in a fence because there are town regulations on fences and placement that they don’t agree with or they simply don’t want to block their line of vision of a beautiful view. 

In some states, those with large dogs as pets, may not have a choice in the near future. According to reports, some states are now starting to enforce putting up fences around the yards where large dogs are. 

In New Jersey, a Responsible Dog Ownership Act, A2401, hopes to establish new fence laws for homes, and fines for failure to comply are on the table. 

One report by New Jersey 101.5 said the rules are being established not as a punishment but to help responsible dog owners who want to let their dogs roam freely in their yards do so with peace of mind. It will also establish bans on off-leash roaming and large dogs running wildly through residential neighborhoods. 

If you love your large breed dogs like we do and want to keep them safe at all times, then installing a wireless outdoor fence is a great solution. Even if your local area doesn’t have any of these pending rules going into effect, it’s still important to set up outdoor freedoms. You’ll offer your dog freedom to roam around the yard, they won’t leave the boundaries you’ve established and you also won’t have to sacrifice your landscape views. 

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