The Benefits of Having Dogs in the Workplace

Man And Dog Working Together At Laptop Computer

Having a dog in the workplace can be a great way to boost morale and increase productivity. There’s been an uptick in more flexible workplaces since the pandemic and another trend that’s growing is having our favorite four-legged friends at the workplace too. 

A dog-friendly workplace has many benefits for both employees and employers. Here are some reasons why dogs are awesome at work. 

Dogs help reduce stress and increase productivity.

Stress is a major cause of workplace accidents, absenteeism, and lower morale. Dogs can help reduce stress and increase productivity by simply being there! Even if you’re not a dog lover, you will probably notice an improvement in your mood when you come to work and see your furry friend waiting for you at the door. Their level of love and attention cannot be missed.

If your company allows dogs (and many do these days), then it’s worth considering bringing them along with you during the day too to make it a more pleasant day for both you and the dog. Plus he won’t be alone at home, bored and getting anxious.

Dogs help improve social interaction in the workplace.

Dogs are also a great way to help break the ice between coworkers. Because of their lovable and often silly demeanor, they can become a key source of conversation and help employees to bond. Dogs can also help build team spirit at the office which is much needed in the post-pandemic era. 

Dogs are a great way to boost morale after a stressful day at work.

When you’re having a stressful day at work and need a break, dogs are the perfect solution. They’re great for relieving stress and helping you unwind after a long day, especially if your dog is always happy to see you. Picture that stressful hour as the day gets closer to an end and instead of turning to the coffee or the snack bar, you can sit for a few minutes with your cuddly, compassionate friend.

How to Keep Dogs Safe at Work

With pets making their way into the workplace, it’s important to also think about the risks associated with having them there. While the benefits far outweigh them, you’ll still need to address things like restricted areas (kitchen for example) and where you’ll allow the dog to roam. An indoor hidden fence is a great way to set up a safe perimeter for the dog.

DogWatch offers indoor boundaries that are effective for entire rooms, very small areas, entryways… or wherever you need them. You set areas as “off-limits” like the kitchen, countertops, new sofa and more. 

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