The Importance of Proper Fence Installation to Keep Your Dog Safe

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If you live in a house that’s close to the road or in a neighborhood where other families have dogs, you understand the importance of keeping your own dog in your yard. A pet that decides to go exploring or that wants to play with another dog can get hit by a car or attacked by a wild animal. 

A hidden fence can keep your dog in your yard and out of danger. The technology is effective, but a system has to be installed correctly to do its job.

How a Hidden Dog Fence Works

If you decide to have a hidden fence installed at your Connecticut home, a boundary wire will be buried in the yard a few inches below the surface. You can decide where to have the boundary placed. You might want to give your dog access to the entire yard so it will have as much room as possible to run and play, or you might want to keep some areas, such as your garden, off limits. 

A transmitter will be installed in your house or garage. It will send a low-level radio signal to the boundary wire. Your dog will wear a collar that can detect the radio signal. 

If your dog gets too close to the wire, the collar will issue a warning signal. If your pet continues to approach the boundary, the collar will issue a safe and mild stimulation. With time, your dog will learn to stay away from the boundary line.

Why Proper Fence Installation Is So Important

For a hidden fence to work as it should, each piece of the system has to be installed correctly. If the boundary wire isn’t placed at an appropriate depth or the transmitter isn’t set up properly, your dog’s collar might not be able to detect the radio signal or warnings might not be issued when they should be. If the system isn’t working correctly, it won’t be able to keep your dog in your yard and out of harm’s way.

Have a Hidden Fence Professionally Installed

The team at DogWatch of Eastern Connecticut can install a hidden fence that will keep your pet in your yard and away from potential dangers. We can help you figure out the best locations for a boundary wire and transmitter and make sure that all the system’s components are installed correctly. Contact us today to learn more about the types of hidden fences we offer and to get an estimate.

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