The Safest Way to Give Your Pet Freedom

woman and dog on bed

There’s no doubt about it, we Americans love our pets – sometimes more than other members of our household. Our dogs have become a staple in the family. They eat dinner with us, share our beds, and even take vacations with the family. 

Just as it is important to protect your human family members from harm – it is equally important that home is a safe place for your pet too. One of the best ways to allow them the comforts to roam around while still keeping them out of harm’s way is with a wireless pet containment system. 

Here’s why. 

Unlike metal and wood fences that look terrible when they become worn or could be damaged or broken through, these systems utilize a radio signal to keep your pet within a boundary you’ve pre-set. That means they can be out in the yard, by areas like the swimming pool and even enjoying time on the patio without you having to worry that they’ll dart out into the street, or make their way into some dangerous flower beds. 

It works by  alerting your dog using an audible tone if they get too close to the boundary. With a static correction if the dog does not retreat from the boundary and some perimeter training sessions with our professionals your dog will be set up for success and enjoying the yard and your home in no time. 

The other great thing about our training sessions is that we work with your dog to teach them to recognize the boundaries using voice commands, audible warning signals and visual flags in the yard.

Interested in talking to our reputable dealer in Eastern Connecticut? Linda Smyth has been helping families and pets have safety and freedom since 2008.  Give us a call today! 

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