Tips for Caring for a Senior Dog

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Welcoming new pets into the home hit an all-time high during the pandemic. Families and people who live alone were all in search of the extra companionship and love that pts can provide. The social distancing rules and more time spent at home also meant a chance to give pets the proper attention they need. While adoption rates were up and many shelters were totally emptied in some locations, we don’t often think about the age and type of dog being adopted but it’s an important point to consider.

Puppies whole cute and able to be trained can also be a lot of work as you reach these milestones. Older, senior dogs aren’t always the first pick because of their age but they also need loving homes.

Small dogs are considered “senior” at around 11 years. Medium size dogs around 10 and large breed dogs around 7-8 years. These pets can make for some really great companions – especially for those who want to bring in a pet that is calm and likes to relax around the house instead of one that needs to be wild and free for most of the day.

If you’re considering getting a senior dog or have had your pup for a while and are now reaching its later life years, here are a few tips to best care for them.

Consider Routine Modifications

If there’s one thing dogs love – its routines. By this age, they typically know what they like and want and it brings them great comfort to know when the time they’ll be walked, fed, and even when it’s time for bed.  As dog’s age though, it’s important to consider making adjustments to some of this. The food they eat may need to be modified, their walks could become shorter and most importantly their vet visits may need to happen more frequently.  Pay attention to your pet and talk to a professional about any needed changes to improve their comfort livelihood.

Spend More Dedicated Time Doing What They Love

Loving a senior dog comes with its own rewards. Even if you just adopted the dog, you’ll soon find out that they likely love to just lay around, snooze, and go for walks. The sheer joy in their character to have someone around who loves them and spends time with them is a great reminder of the things we need even as humans to feel great each and every day. In addition to ensuring they receive adequate care, the only real job you have when you own a senior pet is to show them the best love possible while they are here.

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