Why Opt for an Invisible Dog Fence over a GPS Dog Fence?

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As a dog owner, keeping your pet in your yard should be one of your top priorities. If you would rather not construct a physical barrier, you might be considering a hidden fence. Some systems use an underground wire to create a boundary, while others rely on GPS technology. A system with a buried wire offers several notable advantages.

Consistent Boundary

People who use GPS systems to contain their pets often find that the technology doesn’t maintain a consistent boundary. Tall buildings and other obstructions can cause interference, and the strength of the signal can change. That can make the boundary line shift, which can be confusing for a pet. 

A changing boundary can also be a safety hazard. If you use a GPS dog fence and the boundary line moves, your dog might leave your yard, venture into the road, and get hit by a car. 

A possible solution is to adjust the location of the boundary to compensate for inconsistency. That will shrink the size of the area where your dog is permitted to go. If you have a large yard, that might not be a problem. If you own a small piece of land, however, your dog might not have enough space to run and play.

Limited Battery Life

Hidden fence systems that use underground wires and GPS technology both use battery-powered collars. Fences with buried wires use batteries that last for three months to two years before they need to be replaced, while GPS dog fences generally use rechargeable batteries. 

If you install a GPS system and you don’t realize that the battery is running low, your pet might not receive a correction when it gets too close to the boundary. It might leave your property, go into the road or a neighbor’s yard, and get hurt.


A GPS dog fence costs more than a system that relies on an underground wire. The upfront cost can be significantly higher, and a GPS system might also require a monthly fee. 

Get a Quote for a Wired Hidden Fence System

DogWatch of Eastern Connecticut installs hidden fences that create clearly defined boundaries and keep pets in areas that their owners deem safe. We can work with you to design a containment area that will give your pet enough room to play and keep it out of danger. A member of our team can train your pet to recognize the location of the boundary and stay in the designated area. Contact us today to learn more and to get an estimate.

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